Body language can kickstart the conversation before you even have the chance to speak. A well-crafted branded wearable is the perfect way to break the ice. 

You want your team to stand out in every situation, whether it be in São Paulo, Shanghai, Geneva, Paris, Farnborough, or Oshkosh. Show your team colors, attract attention and start talking. Whether the branded merchandise is for a project or your favorite activity, we partner with you by providing the best ROI for your team merchandise.

Statistics show the top three Promotional items are the most popular for all of your team events. Wearables is the biggest percentage at 33%.

Top Three

  1. Wearables/Hats
  2. Lanyards
  3. Bags

Top Ten Uses

  • Brand Recognition
  • Brand/Product Awareness 
  • Corporate Identity
  • Public Relations & Goodwill 
  • Customer Retention & Appreciation 
  • Generate Sales & Referrals
  • Employee Communications & Recognition
  • New Product Introduction 
  • Motivate Behaviors & Incentive Programs
  • New Customer Acquisition